Avira Antivir Internet Security Final [MF-Link]

Avira Antivir Internet Security Final [MF-Link]

Avira Internet Security 2012 Final | 78.91 MB

Wah, pada malming semua nih ! yang jomblo, kemana? paling ke WARNET nge-Gaming atau Chatting di Fb atau Twiiter. Ya udahlah, nasib jomblo seperti Saya emang pantas untuk nangkring di Dunia maya.
Wajar saja jika para Jomblovers sering ke warnet jika Malming tiba.

Nah, sharing lagi nih. AV Avira Internet security 2012. Bagi yang mau, silahkan di review dulu. kalau tidak, ya abaikan saja dan download langsung File nya.

Avira Review:

Avira Internet Security 2012 offers complete computer protection: firewall, antivirus, spyware, antitroyan, scanner-mail and anti-phishing module. Supported refresh the program and database via the Internet. Repeatedly noted and recognized by millions of users of the software with features to protect against viruses and malware are now equipped with personal firewall and antispam module.

Some features:
• Protection from viruses, worms and Trojans
• Locking of hidden dial toll on resources
• Detection and elimination of rootkits
• Protection from phishing attacks
• High speed scanning
• Pleasant and easy to use interface

Features Avira Internet Security 2012:
• AntiVir stops all types of viruses
• AntiAd / Spyware removes adware and spyware
• AntiPhishing protection from phishing
• AntiRootkit detects hidden rootkits
• AntiDrive-by prevents downloading viruses when surfing the Internet
• AntiBot prevents the inclusion in the Bot-net
• EmailScannerproveryaet incoming and outgoing messages
• WebGuard checks for viruses in downloaded files and Web pages
• RescueSystem creates a drive to restore
• BackupSystem archive important data
• AntiSpam filtering unwanted emails
• FireWall protection from hackers hacking
• GameMode ostanavlivaet pop-up messages during the game
• QuickRemoval remove viruses at the push of a button NEW!
• NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution NEW!
• Child Protection: blocking web pages with hazardous for children and adolescents content NEW!

• Avira Scanner detects known viruses, worms and trojans
• AntiAd / Spyware protects from spyware and advertising messages
• AntiSpam filters out unwanted and phishing emails
• AntiPhishing protection from phishing attacks
• AntiRootkit protection against hidden malware
• AntiBot protects your computer from intrusion by hackers
• Avira Guard prevents infection by viruses, worms and trojans
• Avira ProActiv detects all known viruses by their behavior NEW!
• AHeADTechnology stops unidentified suspicious code
• WebGuard prevents you from getting on dangerous sites
• AntiDrive-by stops downloading malicious files, while you are surfing the Internet
• MailGuard scans all incoming and outgoing messages
• FireWall slams the door in front of the noses of the hackers
• QuickRemoval eliminates viruses with a single click
• GenericRepair quickly repairing a PC, solves problems automatically NEW!
• RescueSystem helps to restart the computer if necessary
• ExpressInstallation provides fast protection without having to answer difficult questions NEW!
• NetbookSupport works fast at low resolutions on laptops with small memory
• BackupSystem protects important information and valuable pictures
• AviraSupport answers your questions
• GameMode allows you to play, watch movies and TV shows without interruption
• ParentalControl restricts the view and the time spent on the Internet.
• Child Protection: blocking web pages with hazardous for children and adolescents content NEW!

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Full Version Limited Edition Key Valid Until 04.2012
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