DMCA Writer Protected

DMCA Writer Protected

Along with the development of Age, Technology is becoming more sophisticated, and the more advanced the field of Writing on the internet anyway. or so-called Blogging.

With this, Cyber_Newby Will Act to make my own blog, Hack Notices Copy That Paset, where the spread article. Please include the link as a source of gratitude to the author who made ​​the article.

Because Google knows, the original and duplicate copy paste contains no right too. if you distribute articles from this blog, then you must include an active link credits to avoid spamming and double the existing Content.

DMCA Writer Protected in Powered by Google to protect the copyright of the author and appreciate all his efforts to make the article. Because the article is made through one's mind for many in the audience.

If you want to distribute my article, I expected to read the Permalink, just below the Post.

thus, you will help me in spreading the article. Copy and paste to help prevent piracy is illegal.

So I made this Protected Writer DMCA. For its future if the same article as I do, then I would request Banned from Google to people who copy and paste my original article.

Thank you, greetings!

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