Installing Feedburner chicklet

Installing Feedburner chicklet

Good morning all, because cyber_newby rarely updated blog of a college assignment. so I will share blogging tips just for you all.
Installing Feedburner chicklet

Feed Burner, you all know? Subscribe to e-mail box provided by the google services to facilitate visitors to your blog to get the article directly without directly coming to your blog. which means, every new article that you created, it automatically subscribe to the blog that you will receive your blog updates via e-mail transparently.

In addition to using the email subscription box, we can also put up some of the feed burner chicklet on the blog. That his goal, everyone can use our feed URL to put in your blog or Facebook them. How to install is as follows!

First, login to your FeedBurner account. Select a category chicklet chooser

Click In IMAGE to Resize

Part 2

Part 3
Then, add, and see its results!

In a process like this, usually there was an error! do not panic. error is sometimes caused insufficient tissue. so, just refresh the page of your blog, or re-log back in as it should!

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thank you.

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