After Effects Plugins - VC Optical Flares

After Effects Plugins - VC Optical Flares

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Plugin untuk Adobe After Effects produk Video Copilot - Optical Flares
Plus Pro Presets 2

Optical Flares information:

Optical Flares VC:

3D Lens Flare Creation Studio
• 3D Lens Flares with AE Lights
• Intuitive Design Interface
• Live Visual Preset Library
• Real Texture Support
• Dynamic Triggering Animations
• Chromatic Aberration
• Up to 32 bpc color support
What is Optical Flares?
Optical Flares is a plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects.

Build, Edit and Customize Lens Flares with amazing speed and simplicity
Custom Interface from inside After Effects
Interface Features
• 12 unique Lens Objects
• 50 custom Lens Objects
• Large Pop-Out Preview window
• Rename, & Rearrange Objects
• Show BG in Preview Window
• Integrated Copy & Paste
• Duplicate Objects & Undo/Redo

Preset Browser
• 60 Built-in Presets (included)
• Real Lens Inspired Presets
• Share & Swap Presets
• Save All Settings in One Place
• Save & Reuse Individual Objects
• Expand and Build New Presets

Illuminate your Possiblities

Great For:
• 3D Animation
• Motion Graphics
• Commercials
• Music Videos
• Graphic Transitions
• Compositing
• Special Effects
• Combine with Particle Effects

Optical Flares Uses:
• Add final touches to Motion Graphics
• Simulate Concert or Stadium Lighting
• Fake Volumetric Lighting
• Help Blend 3D Animations
• Build a virtual Light Array for Music Videos
• Add Realism to your Virtual Sets
• Add Flares to Live Action Footage
• Simulate Visible Atmosphere with Lighting
• Simulate Bright Lights in your scene
• Draw focus to a product or graphic
• Accentuate Highlights or contours

Sumber: VideoCopilot
Spesifikasi Untuk Software Ini:

Video Card GPU Support (optional):
Optical Flares does not require a special graphics card to render but you can increase render performance with recommended cards.

Recommended Cards (optional):
Nvidia GeForce 7000 Series (Except 7300 on MAC)
Nvidia GeForce 8000 Series
Nvidia GeForce 9000 Series
Nvidia GeForce 200 Series
Nvidia Quadro FX Series

ATI X1300 and above on Windows

NOTE: Other graphics cards may be supported but speed improvements may not be as great. GPU Compatibility may vary on Mac converted Nvidia Cards, since updated drivers are not available from Nvidia.
Download [IDWS]

VC optical Flares

Password if any: blackenedange

Version 1.2.132 - August 4th, 2010
= Interface now remembers which browser tab was last open.
+ Added Motion Blur
- Fixed Scolling Bug

Version 1.2.129 - July 21st, 2010
- Fixed Mac crash


Cara menginstall Plugins

Step By Step:
Step by step to install Optical Flares:

1. Move the "Optical Flares" folder into this destination:
C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects/Support Files/Plug-ins

2. Run Adobe After Effects and apply Optical Flares to something. (a layer, etc..)

3. Copy your Hardware ID (HWID) when it appears and close After Effects.

4. Open the "Optical Flares Crack.exe" file and remember to run it as administrator or it will not work. (Does not apply to Windows XP)

5. Press "Generate License" and choose the "Optical Flares" folder that you moved to;
C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects/Support Files/Plug-ins

6. You now have the full licensed version of Optical Flares for free!

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